"The parables of Jesus seek to draw one into the Kingdom, and they challenge us to act and to live from the gift which is experienced therein. But we do not want parables. We want precepts and we want programs. We want good precepts and we want sensible programs. We are frightened by the lonely silences within the parables." [John Dominic Crossan, In Parables - The Challenge of the Historical Jesus, Harper and Row, 1973,82]

Relatio Post Disceptationem

JCardinalsThe Extraordinary Synod on the Family has published a working document - "Relatio Post Disceptationem" ("Report after Debate") - summarizing input at the Synod. After the Ordinary Synod of Bishops next year, we can expect Pope Francis to publish an Apostolic Exhortation based on the work of the Extraordinary Synod and the Ordinary Syond. To read the English translation of the "Relatio Post Disceptationem" click here.