"If I cannot listen to the subtle manifestation of rich reality in my environment, I will necessarily try to impose my wilful codes on others. If I am not open to reality and do not obey the voice of reality, a terrible distortion takes place. Sooner or later I will turn the whole relationship around: Instead of listening to reality in people and events, I become convinced that reality in people and events should listen to me."

[Adrian van Kaam, The Art of Existential Counseling, Dimension Books, 1966, 80.]


Course: Music and Transformation through the Hero's Journey

JPatricia Hamilton

Starts Wednesday 11 July

Transformation from the Unconscious to Consciousness
The myths of the modern age

For many years Patricia Hamilton has had an interest in Mythology and how the stories they tell seem to be repeated over time. Patricia has studied the works of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell and was captured by the TV series "The Power of Myth", with Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers (1988). Campbell studied the Myths and the Archetypes and related them very clearly to the Movies of the modern age and how they hold up a mirror which reflects our humanity, and in turn can show us how to understand ourselves and others.

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Course: Developing Your Own Spirituality, Unit II

Crises & dimensions, thinking & willing

JMarieWEB201401JMichael Whelan 2
Starts Thursday 2 August
& Wednesday 7 November
In Unit I we focused on some general principles underlying the development of a healthy spirituality. In Unit II we will focus more on particular concrete facets of spirituality. Walker Percy, the American essayist, wrote: “It is pilgrims we are, wayfarers on a journey, and not pigs, not angels.” (Walker Percy, Love in the Ruins: Adventures of a Bad Catholic at a Time Near the End of the World, Avon Books, 1978, 104.)
Pilgrims frequently come to crossroads, choices must be made – sometimes without much knowledge of what the consequences might be. Commitment to the journey is more about departing than arriving. It is more a matter of grace than conquest. This is a hard-won realization.

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Days of Solitude and Silence 2018

WEB Nazareth 05

Next Date: To Be Advised

Aquinas Academy has a place of solitude and silence called "Nazareth". It is situated 75 minutes from the Sydney CBD at Colo.

We organize special days on which we take small groups there for a few hours of solitude and silence.

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