"If we take a more living and more Christian perspective we find in ourselves a simple affirmation which is not of ourselves. It simply is. In our being there is a primordial yes that is not our own; it is not at our own disposal; it is not accessible to our inspection and understanding; we do not even fully experience it as real (except in rare and unique ' is something they never advert to at all. It is in fact absolutely unconscious, totally forgotten. Basically, however, my being is not an of Being itself, irrespective of my own choices. "Where do 'I' come in? Simply in uniting the 'yes' of my own freedom with the 'yes' of Being that already is before I have chosen to choose." [Thomas Merton, Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander, Image Books, 1968/1989, 266]


Course: Focusing - A way towards more reflective living

Listening to your body can change your life. Aaffien de Vries, Focusing Trainer

JSue BurrellJMerilyn Mayhew
Sue Burrell/Merilyn Mayhew
Registration closes 8 April
Starts Tuesday 17 April
Father Michael Whelan and Sister Marie Biddle, in the Aquinas course Developing Your Own Spirituality, say, “Jesus comes to us disguised as our life.” They encourage us to pay attention to what is happening in the present moment, to pause and consider how to respond. They recommend the body-based awareness practice of Focusing as a key way to become present and pay attention to the movement of Spirit in our lives, and to know ourselves and others more intimately.

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Course: Living! Not just Coping

A Contemplative Psychology for our Times

JCatherine Hammond

Starts Wednesday 2 May
Based on the classic by psychiatrist Gerald May, this course will explore the implications of being willing rather than willful in living life to the full – not just ‘getting by’.

* Willingness: openness to surrender to a reality greater than oneself;

* Willfulness: setting oneself apart from the deepest reality in an attempt to master one’s own destiny.

Illustrating the way a willing attitude can change one’s whole outlook, we’ll turn to some outstanding women and men to see how they approached challenges and dark periods in their lives:

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Days of Solitude and Silence 2018

WEB Nazareth 05

Next Date: To Be Advised

Aquinas Academy has a place of solitude and silence called "Nazareth". It is situated 75 minutes from the Sydney CBD at Colo.

We organize special days on which we take small groups there for a few hours of solitude and silence.

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