"Without any understanding of man's deep-seated urge to self-transcend, of his very reluctance to take the hard, ascending way, and his search for some bogus liberation either below or to one side of his personality, we cannot hope to make sense of our own particular period of history or indeed of history in general, of life as it was lived in the past and as it is lived today. For this reason I propose to discuss some of the more common Grace-substitutes, into which and by means of which men and women have tried to escape from the tormenting consciousness of being merely themselves. .... human beings have felt the radical inadequacy of their personal existence, the misery of being their insulated selves and not something else, something wider, something in Wordsworthian phrase, 'far more deeply interfused'." (Aldous
Huxley, "Appendix" from The Devils of Loudun, Penguin Books, 1971, 313f.)

Course: Focusing - A way towards more reflective living

Listening to your body can change your life. Aaffien de Vries, Focusing Trainer

JSue BurrellJMerilyn Mayhew
Sue Burrell/Merilyn Mayhew
Registration closes 3 April
Starts Tuesday 17 April
Father Michael Whelan and Sister Marie Biddle, in the Aquinas course Developing Your Own Spirituality, say, “Jesus comes to us disguised as our life.” They encourage us to pay attention to what is happening in the present moment, to pause and consider how to respond. They recommend the body-based awareness practice of Focusing as a key way to become present and pay attention to the movement of Spirit in our lives, and to know ourselves and others more intimately.

Developing our ability to notice and pay attention to the subtle messages of our bodies, allows a doorway to open into deeper meaning and understanding. We start with our own physical body and notice what is happening inside us, in the moment, and that allows a door to open into our inner world. By listening to and being with whatever emerges, we develop deeper relationships with ourselves, others, and Spirit. 
And from this place, over time, change occurs spontaneously. It was this astounding observation, based on research with people who were ‘natural’ Focusers, that led Dr Eugene Gendlin to develop the Focusing method.

Presenters: Sue Burrell and Merilyn Mayhew
Where: Aquinas Academy, Level 5, 141 Harrington Street, The Rocks, Sydney
When: Four Tuesday mornings, 10am - 12noon, 17 April – 8 May 2018
Cost: $144 per person, including some course material.
DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: 3 APRIL 2018 – to allow time for your individual focusing session with Sue or Merilyn before class begins.

In learning Focusing, you will learn:
• to listen deeply to yourself and to others, with an attitude of acceptance, kindness and curiosity – a skill increasingly in demand in our world;
• how to make friends with parts of yourself (and others) that are stuck, disliked or dismissed;
• how to connect with the ‘Bigger You’, and discover that you are not the sum of your problems – the skill of Focusing is a wonderful stress reducer in and of itself; and
• how to consciously access your creativity, wisdom and joy.

Because Focusing is a practical skill, you will learn experientially: we will teach and demonstrate, then practise each skill in pairs, then together discuss, question and comment.

Sue Burrell and Merilyn Mayhew both first encountered Focusing with Michael and Marie in Developing Your Own Spirituality. They trained extensively with Dr Ann Weiser Cornell, who developed Inner Relationship Focusing, Dr Kathy McGuire and Sydney-based Jane Quayle. Both Ann and Kathy were involved in Focusing with Eugene Gendlin in the 1970’s, and have been instrumental in developing the practice and teaching of Focusing.

Sue: “My exposure to the skills and world of Focusing has taught me in a very grounded, hands-on way, how to be with myself, as well as other people, in a way that is accepting and kind. And it is this love and acceptance towards my own inner being, whatever emotions and thoughts are there, which has impacted me the most, and helped me find acceptance and sometimes change in areas in which I have been stuck.”

Merilyn: “Focusing has enabled me to gently hear and accept every part of myself, including the unpleasant, angry, usually unacceptable parts. It has taught me to pay attention to the stresses and strains my body carries, and to be with what is happening inside me below the conscious level. Focusing has also given me the ability to be aware of and to put words around experiencing the non-rational, bodily felt, transcendent aspects of my spirituality.”

Further questions about Focusing and this course? The International Focusing Institute website has a wealth of material, demonstration videos, research papers, etc. www.focusing.org

Ann Weiser Cornell’s Focusing Manual will be available for sale.

Or feel free to call us:
Sue: 0407 104 133, Merilyn: 0409 310 613

PLEASE NOTE ABOVE: Deadline for registration: 3 April 2018

T 02 92474651 E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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