"Life is not so much beginnings and endings as it is middles, middles that don't measure up -- and our happiness depends on how we come to terms with the pale reflections of our dreams. (Paul D. Zimmerman, "Middles and Muddles," review of film "Sunday Bloody Sunday," Newsweek, September 27, 1971, 106)

Lecture - To Change the Heart: A Biblical Defense of Pope Francis

JDr Robert Tilley 2
Dr Robert Tilley
Thursday 12 Sept, 7pm
CIS Campus Strathfield

If there is one message that the Bible imparts it is that it is impossible for humanity, unaided by the grace of God, to change its heart. Thus in Scripture we read how people can see miraculous healings, the dead raised, amazing displays of divine power, be warned by prophets of coming judgment, and yet for all of that they stay unchanged. But God ...See here for details