"God has left us abandoned in time. God and humanity are like two lovers who have missed their rendezvous. Each is there before the time, but each at a different place, and they wait and wait and wait. He stands motionless, nailed to the spot for the whole of time. She is distraught and impatient. But alas for her if she gets tired and goes away. The crucifixion of Christ is the image of the fixity of God. God is attention without distraction. One must imitate the patience and humility of God." (Simone Weil, "The Fathers Silence" in The Simone Weil Reader, edited by George A Panichas, David McKay Company, 1977, 424-25)

The Legacy of Matteo Ricci in China

JMatteoRicciDuring a press conference on board the plane flying back from Korea Pope Francis said he could not help but think of the figure of Matteo Ricci while flying over China. Veronica Scarisbrick speaks to Father Emmanuel Lim SJ about this charismatic Jesuit, one of the founders of the Jesuit China Mission who died in 1610, whose memory still lives on in China today. This programme includes a passage from Matteo Ricci's diary : "..the work of evangelisation , of making Christians should be carried on both in Peking and in the Provinces, following methods both of a pacific nature and of cultural adaptation. Europeanism is to be shunned."...

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