"If we take a more living and more Christian perspective we find in ourselves a simple affirmation which is not of ourselves. It simply is. In our being there is a primordial yes that is not our own; it is not at our own disposal; it is not accessible to our inspection and understanding; we do not even fully experience it as real (except in rare and unique ' is something they never advert to at all. It is in fact absolutely unconscious, totally forgotten. Basically, however, my being is not an of Being itself, irrespective of my own choices. "Where do 'I' come in? Simply in uniting the 'yes' of my own freedom with the 'yes' of Being that already is before I have chosen to choose." [Thomas Merton, Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander, Image Books, 1968/1989, 266]

Religion and Environment in Peru

JArchbishop Barreto 465After three weeks of reporting in July and August in Peru, a country that is 75 percent Catholic and whose Conservative Opus Dei Cardinal, Juan Luis Cipriani, offered only tepid support for the encyclical, I found many differences among Peruvian Catholics and clergy in their embrace of the teaching document targeting 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide. Read more.