"The parables of Jesus seek to draw one into the Kingdom, and they challenge us to act and to live from the gift which is experienced therein. But we do not want parables. We want precepts and we want programs. We want good precepts and we want sensible programs. We are frightened by the lonely silences within the parables." [John Dominic Crossan, In Parables - The Challenge of the Historical Jesus, Harper and Row, 1973,82]

Pope Francis' Visit to USA

Reflection by Peter Steinfels

JPopeFrancisUSAI'm exactly the sort of Catholic who should be cheering for Pope Francis’ historic trip to the United States—but instead I’m dreading it. Rather than drinking in the spectacle this week, I’m tempted to turn off the TV, close my laptop, leave the newspapers unread and keep the radio tuned to classical music. My discomfort is by no means with Francis himself, but with how this trip will inevitably be politicized. Read more