"Life is not so much beginnings and endings as it is middles, middles that don't measure up -- and our happiness depends on how we come to terms with the pale reflections of our dreams. (Paul D. Zimmerman, "Middles and Muddles," review of film "Sunday Bloody Sunday," Newsweek, September 27, 1971, 106)

David Suzuki on the Pope

JDavidSuzukiFew scientists are more widely beloved by the public than the amiable David Suzuki. His background is in genetics (he was a professor at the University of British Columbia until his 2001 retirement), but the 79-year-old Canadian biologist, broadcaster and environmentalist has spent the past five decades explaining the wonders of nature – and, increasingly, the threats to our survival from climate change – to a popular audience on radio, television, and through his best-selling books; the most recent of which, Letters to my Grandchildren, is a mix of memoir, philosophy text, and urgent call to action. Read more.