"If I cannot listen to the subtle manifestation of rich reality in my environment, I will necessarily try to impose my wilful codes on others. If I am not open to reality and do not obey the voice of reality, a terrible distortion takes place. Sooner or later I will turn the whole relationship around: Instead of listening to reality in people and events, I become convinced that reality in people and events should listen to me."

[Adrian van Kaam, The Art of Existential Counseling, Dimension Books, 1966, 80.]

Course: St John Henry Newman - His Life and Contexts

Dr Robert Andrews
JRobert Andrews
     Course Cancelled

St John Henry Newman (1801-90) was a convert from Anglicanism, a religious controversialist, a scholar and a theologian. Not only one of the great Victorian intellectuals, his contributions to modern Catholic thought make him one of the most important Catholic thinkers of modern times. From positions such as Vicar of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford, to the leader of the Oxford Movement, and later a leading English Oratorian and cardinal,

Newman left a religious and spiritual legacy that was influential to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. If the poet Matthew Arnold could refer to “the charm of that spiritual apparition,” the late nineteenth-century writer, Charles Kingsley, libellously referred to Newman as being the epitome of the alleged Catholic subversion of truth. As this course will highlight and discuss, Newman was an important religious figure in nineteenth-century Britain. His life and thought provide an insight into the religious controversies of that century—his place in them, and the contexts of his involvement.

Robert Andrews (PhD, Murdoch University) lectures in Church History at the Catholic Institute of Sydney. He is the author of Apologia Pro Beata Maria Virgine: John Henry Newman’s Defence of the Virgin Mary in Catholic Doctrine and Piety (Academica Press, 2017).

Presenter: Dr Robert Andrews
Where: Aquinas Academy, Level 5, 141 Harrington Street, The Rocks, Sydney
When: Course cancelled.
Cost: $150/person (including printed readings and notes)

Nobody will be turned away simply because they cannot afford to pay. Offer a donation if you cannot pay the full registration fee.

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